5: The Story of David

Throughout the Madeleine McCann story we are bombarded with controversial stories about David Payne – his visit to the McCann apartment, his encounter with child protection worker Yvonne Martin, his ‘disturbing’ descriptions of Madeleine and his starring role in The Gaspar Statements.

As we have seen, the writer often creates controversial moments to alert the audience to the presence of an allusion. The fact that David is often at the centre of this controversy tells us that the character of David is an allusion.

We have all heard the story of David and Goliath, but what else do we know about the biblical David?

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The concept of the Messiah is important in Christianity and the character of David is a key component.

The writers of the New Testament (the Christian bible) trace the genealogy of both Joseph and Mary to the House of David. They do this to show they are both descended from The Davidic Line to support the claim that Jesus is the true messiah.

That is how important David is to the messianic tradition.

Basically, when it comes to messianic bloodlines, all roads lead to David.

The Gaspar Statements

The central character of The Gaspar Statements is David Payne and the two key moments of these statements are:

1: Concern when David is overseeing the children bathing.

2: David’s inappropriate sexual act.

Both of these controversial stories combine to create an allusion to a very important messianic story.

David and Bathsheba

If we read Samuel 2:11 we are told that David watched the young Bathsheba as she bathed. David watched her bathe and he lusted after her. David was unable to control his lust and acted on it, causing the young Bathsheba to become pregnant. This was highly inappropriate as Bathsheba was married to Uriah the Hittite. In an effort to conceal his actions, David urged Uriah to re-consummate his marriage so he would think the child was his, but Uriah would not. David then sent him to the front lines of battle where Uriah met his death.

1: David watched the young girl bathe.

2: David performed a sexually inappropriate act.

How can we be certain that The Gaspar Statements are an allusion to this story? Does the text support this interpretation in any other way?

Peter’s Bible

If you recall, the Portuguese police photocopied a page from the bible found in the McCann residence. This was the bible given to Kate by Peter Neil Patterson. source

The photocopied page is Samuel 2.12 – a direct continuation of Samuel 2.11 – the story of David and Bathsheba.

What are the chances of that?

The Gaspar Statements appear to be an allusion to Samuel 2.11 and the Portuguese police just so happened to photocopy Samuel 2.12. The combination of which complete the story of David and Bathsheba.

The Lord punished David for his sins and Bathsheba’s child fell ill and died. After the death of the child David lay with Bathsheba once more and again she became pregnant, but this time the child survived and was named Solomon.

This is why the writers of the Madeleine McCann story place David as one of the central characters in their story. They are alluding to the messianic theme and David is where it all began. This new understanding of the text confirms two previous allusions:

1: The name Arul Savio Gaspar is an allusion to the messianic theme.  Gaspar is a signifier to alert the audience that The Gaspar Statements are an allusion.  One identified as alluding to the story of David and Bathsheba as told in Samuel 2.11.

2: When Kate asked Peter to pray by the Marina it was an allusion to the biblical Peter being a fisherman. The writer did this to alert the reader to the importance of Peter’s statement and the marked pages Samuel 2.12.

The three most important characters in the messianic tradition are Jesus / Magdalene, the Immaculate Mary and King David. This explains why the writer of the Madeleine McCann story continuously alludes to these three characters via their intertextual counter-parts – Madeleine, Kate ‘Marie’ and David.


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