1: The Messianic Theme


“Rome is already preparing itself” – Kate McCann, May 2007

Possibly one of the most messianic statements you could create. We are told that Kate said those words prior to their audience with the Pope.

When I first read that quote it brought to mind the second coming of Christ, and who could blame me? I know that many other people thought exactly the same thing. Critics were aghast, asking ‘Who does she think she is?’ However, I didn’t really think about it too much and like many others, simply put it down to an odd choice of phrase, but as time went on I started to notice other quotes and statements with a similar theme.

This is Jon Corner (godfather to Madeleine’s sister Amelie) talking about Madeleine in an interview with Vanity Fair:  source

“So beautiful, astonishingly bright, and I’d have to say very charismatic. She would shine out of a crowd,” family friend Jon Corner says of the child. “So – God forgive me – maybe that’s part of the problem. That special quality”

I only ever see this quote interpreted in one way – Jon Corner is being ‘creepy’ – but considering his choice of words, a religious / messianic interpretation would be more accurate. Also, in that very same article, we are provided with another religious / messianic allusion:

“Kate and Gerry are both Roman Catholic, the children of carpenters…”

In the Portuguese police files (the PJ files) the interview with David Payne has long been a source of some controversy. Critics often highlight the following passages as evidence of David also being ‘creepy’, but like we have seen with Jon Corner and Kate McCann, his choice of words could also be interpreted as having a religious / messianic theme.

“They’d had a lot of trouble conceiving, you know with IVF and everything and you know Madeleine was their miracle…”

“The three children… they looked immaculate, you know they were just like angels… the children were wearing white… they were just all, just all at peace…”

“I just looked at the three of them and I couldn’t, you know they were just so well presented and so clean and immaculatesource

If you use word search in that interview you will see that David uses the words “very bright” four times to describe Madeleine. Jon Corner takes the same adjective even further by describing Madeleine as being ‘astonishingly bright.’ It almost seems like Jon Corner is saying that Madeleine is so bright ‘she would shine out of a crowd.’

The common interpretation is that readers are disturbed by Jon and David’s descriptions, an interpretation influenced by external factors and one that fails to recognise the clear and consistent messianic theme to the language being used. We have also been alerted to further possible allusions with the information that both parents are ‘the children of carpenters’ and we know (or we have been told) that both of Madeleine’s parents are also healers / work as medical professionals.

A Messiah Story

If the messianic theme was intentional and those quotes are alluding to that, then the story must have been created by writers. This was a possibility I had not previously considered and having an interest in literary / textual analysis, I decided to investigate this further.

If this was an intentional messianic theme then a good writer would allude to ‘The Messiah Story’ and use that story to shape the story of Madeleine. It wouldn’t be much of a messianic theme without that kind of intertextuality and that is exactly what we find:

The Miracle Birth

As we have already seen, David describes the birth of Madeleine as a miracle.

“Madeleine was their miracle.”

David could have used any word to describe this event, but his chosen adjective was the word ‘miracle’. David provides this information in his police interview and the name of the detective conducting David’s interview is Ivor Messiah !!! How unbelievable is that?

David tells Ivor Messiah about the miracle birth of a child called Madeleine – never have three characters been so aptly named.

For those who don’t know why the name David is significant, the Messiah is the ‘Son of David’ born into the Davidic / messianic bloodline. In the New Testament, Jesus is referred to as ‘Son of David’ fourteen times.

“The name ‘Madeleine’ is the French form of Magdalene, well-known because of Saint Mary Magdalene.”

If we look at modern conspiracy lore, Mary Magdalene is seen as the Holy Grail and the true messianic figure.

The Holy Spirit

The following is taken from an interview with the McCanns by Catholic magazine ‘The Tablet’.

“The parish priest also gave the McCanns the keys to the church so that they could pray there alone in the evenings. It was while they were doing this early in the first week that Mr McCann had an extraordinary experience.

When I was praying I started thinking of all the things that were happening. There were lots and lots of ideas in my head and how we could make things better and I was really feeling very down and not sure which way to proceed. I had this mental image of being in a tunnel and instead of the light at the end of the tunnel being extremely narrow and a distant spot, the light opened up and the tunnel got wider and wider and went in many different directions. I talked to you [Kate] about it and said, ‘I am not prepared to pursue one path. We are going to do everything in our power to influence things.’

It was almost like something – I am not saying it was the Holy Spirit – came into me and gave me that image. That is when I really felt I had a clear path.”

Was it a religious experience?

I can’t say it was a vision because I am not clear what a vision is but I had a mental image and it certainly helped me decide. I became a man possessed that night.”

Source (the original article in Catholic magazine ‘The Tablet’ has been deleted from the internet – as you will see via this link)

Gerry McCann is praying in a church and he has a religious experience.  This involved something coming into him and causing him to became a man ‘possessed’.  Now, until Gerry mentioned it himself, I don’t think that anybody on earth would have thought it was the Holy Spirit.  So a connection is being made between Madeleine’s father and the Holy Spirit.

“Jesus was conceived in the womb of his mother Mary through the Holy Spirit”  source

I should also point out that Kate McCann’s middle name is Marie, the French form of Mary.

Link to passports: source

“During this week, the parents of Madeleine, each day, came here to pray, to receive the Holy Spirit and ask the help of the Lord” – Father Pacheco  source

Non-biological Father

The Portuguese newspaper ‘24 Horas’ (24 Hours) printed a story about Gerry not being the biological father. The paper claimed it was an unknown donor and they were adamant their sources were reliable.

A link to demonstrate that this was an actual news story:  source

Here we have another story that connects Gerry McCann (the father) to the role of Joseph and the story of the miracle birth – Joseph was not the biological father of Jesus.

“…an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife, for the child conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit”

This story about Madeleine’s father is another allusion to the Holy Spirit / Messiah story.

That is three different allusions to the miracle birth story: The conversation between David and Ivor Messiah on Madeleine’s birth being a miracle, the father being possessed by the Holy Spirit and the claim that Gerry is not the biological father of Madeleine.

The Donkey

The Donkey is the animal most associated with the Messiah figure. You only have to look at Jesus to see that.

Link: The Messiah’s Donkey

It is also the animal that was immediately associated with Madeleine. The pyjamas that Madeleine was wearing that evening:

“CLOTHING: T-shirt short sleeves with the drawing of a blue and grey donkey on the front, and the word “EEYORE” source


“Kate and Gerry have studied for donkey’s years, made loads of sacrifices…” source


Thought Dead, May Return

There are many people who follow the Madeleine McCann story that believe Madeleine is dead. There are many others who do not share this view, they believe Madeleine was taken, but hope that one day she is returned.

This is very similar to the Christian belief that Jesus was ‘taken’ and will one day be returned. Christians believe this for many reasons, but one of the main ones being that when Jesus died, his body mysteriously disappeared.

The Mysterious Disappearance

When Jesus died on the cross, his body was moved to a tomb and a large stone was placed across the entrance. When Mary Magdalene arrived she found the large stone had been moved and the body had disappeared.

Link: The Empty Tomb

Whatever theory you look at regarding Madeleine they all agree on one thing – that her body, whether that be dead or alive, completely disappeared.

Link: Madeleine’s Disappearance

And talking of stones being moved…

“The parents of the missing British three-year-old Madeleine McCann today vowed to “leave no stone unturned” in the search for their daughter” source

The Madeleine Fund is registered with companies house as ‘Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited’. source

The Pope Blessed the Image of Madeleine

As we have already seen, the Pope blessed the image of Madeleine with the Sign of the Cross and like Kate said…

“Rome is already preparing itself”

Conclusion: The writer appears to have constructed a messiah story with Madeleine / Magdalene as the central character. In contemporary literature at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance this same story was already very well known thanks to ‘The Da Vinci Code’ – the story of the messianic Magdalene – more on that later.

Ivor Messiah

Can you imagine my reaction when I first discovered Ivor Messiah? The sheer audacity of this writer and until now, nobody has ever questioned it! I find that amazing, as the name is clearly an invention created to serve the overall theme. Upon the discovery of Ivor Messiah I went online to talk about this character and some people actually tried to argue his existence, so let’s take a closer look at him.

We already know Ivor Messiah from his interview with David Payne, but separate from the McCann story, DC Ivor Messiah made his own headlines:

“The Leicestershire officer also allegedly made a ring with the fingers of one hand – which he then poked with the index finger of the other” Source

How crazy is that story? A police detective in the middle of a murder trial is reported to have made inappropriate sexual gestures to a female juror in full view of the room. Not very professional to say the least albeit not very realistic – and that is because it never happened. Here is why:

The Gaspar Statements: Whilst holidaying with the McCanns and their friends, David Payne made inappropriate sexual gestures in full view of the room.

”Dave was sucking on one of his fingers, pushing it in and out of his mouth”

Not only is the wonderfully named Ivor Messiah the detective who interviewed David Payne (where he was told of a miracle birth and immaculate children) but his actions in court clearly mimic the actions of David Payne as described in The Gaspar Statements.

Anyone who knows the McCann story and reads Ivor Messiah’s story could not fail to be reminded of David and the Gaspar Statements, but for any readers not aware of Ivor Messiah’s links to the McCann story, the Telegraph very kindly reminds us:

“DC Messiah interviewed members of the ‘Tapas Seven’ as part of the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance”

In conclusion, there is nothing about Ivor Messiah that is remotely believable. His name is an invention to serve the messianic theme and his very own news story is a blatant parallel to The Gaspar Statements.


“The name Caspar/Casper is derived from Gaspar” source

The name ‘Gaspar’ was given to one of the three wise men. Gaspar is the wise man who travelled from India, bearing the gift of Frankincense.

Therefore, the name ‘Gaspar’ is an allusion to the Messiah story and the writer confirms this by creating the name ‘Arul Savio Gaspar’.

The Gaspar Statements consist of two separate statements: one by the wife, Katarina Zacharius Gaspar and the other by her husband, Arul Savio Gaspar. If you look up the meaning of the names Arul and Savio this is what you will find:

Arul – of Indian origin
Savio – clever / wise

In the messiah story, Gaspar was a wise man who hailed from India and the names Arul and Savio have the exact same meaning.

In conclusion, the name ‘Arul Savio Gaspar’ is a fictional construct invented to serve the messianic theme.  It was created as a signifier to alert the audience to The Gaspar Statements themselves being an allusion – this will be explained in the final chapter.


1: The Messianic Theme

2: Fatima

3: The Roman Catholic Church

4: The Da Vinci Code

5:  The Story of David


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